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Gift Card Terms and Conditions

  • The totalhealth Gift Card is not a credit card, charge card, or cheque guarantee card.
  • Valid totalhealth Gift Cards may be used as full or part payment for goods in a participating totalhealth Pharmacy.
  • totalhealth Gift Cards are activated at the time of purchase and are valid for 5 years.
  • Date of purchase is stated on the receipt issued when the gift card was purchased. Customers are advised to retain their gift receipt.
  • The gift card is non-refundable and may not be exchanged for cash.
  • The customer does not have to spend the full value in one  transaction.
  • Any residual balance on the gift card following purchase of goods will remain on the gift card for future use. The gift card will be activated so that it will be valid for 5 years from that date. Balances of €5 or less may be refunded in cash.
  • Gift card holders can check their balance at any participating totalhealth Pharmacy nationwide.
  • Totalhealth Pharmacy expressly excludes all liability for lost stolen and damaged gift cards.
  • Totalhealth Pharmacy reserves the right to decline any Gift Card which has not been validly activated according to our procedures.
  • The terms and conditions stated here take precedence over any terms that may be printed on the gift card you were issued.
  • These terms and conditions  are in accordance with guidelines issued under the Consumer Protection (Gift Vouchers) Act 2019.

totalhealth Support Office Communication: Gift Card Terms & Conditions,  February 2020

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